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Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world and with good reason, they're easy to learn, fun to play and offer some pretty substantial prizes for a relatively small investment. Because of this, the slots market has grown tremendously and there are now literally thousands of different slot games operating in casinos. The goal of SlotsMachines.com is to help guide you through those games by providing not only reviews of individual online slots but also a number of articles and tips to help you when playing. Online since 1998 but revamped in 2010, our website aims to be one of the most authoritative and trusted slot machine guides published on the Internet.

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Overview of Online Slot Machines

Playing slots games is really easy online and almost every online casino will offer all of their slots in both play money and real money modes so you can test them out for free before risking any money. Of all the slots games online, there are some that are more popular than others for a number of reasons including their bonus features, jackpots and other unique features that make them exciting to play. Some games are popular because of the target market. For example RTG slots do well because the casinos powered by RTG are online casinos for us players. Below we've provided a list of eight different companies that each develop online slot machine for a number of the world's most popular online casinos. In each section, you'll find a brief overview of the company, their top casinos as well as a list of their absolute best slots.

RTG Rival Gaming Cryptologic Microgaming
Net Entertainment IGT Playtech

Popular Types of Slot Machines

Slots are one of the most exhilarating and entertaining games you can play in a casino and these days there are a ton of different variations out there for players. Below we've provided an overview identifying the major types of slot games you can expect to find both in online casinos and in live casinos around the world. Depending on your personal preferences you may enjoy one game over another, however we have outlined all the versions below.

Single Line Slots - These are the traditional type of slot machine that you would find in a brick and mortar casino. With these machines, there is a single payline and the player wins when they match various symbols on that line according to the payout schedule. Commonly referred to as 3 reel slots, this type of game is very simple to play and the player can usually bet between one and three coins per spin of the reels. It's important to note that almost all slot machines require you to play maximum credits (or coins) in order to qualify for the maximum jackpot offered on that game. With single line machines, jackpots occur when you successfully get the jackpot symbols on each of the 3 reels across the payline. These days single line machines are somewhat dated online however there are still a good deal of great 3 reel slots like Wheel of Fortune in operation on live casino floors.

Multi Line Slots - A step up from Single Line, Multi Line Slots as the name suggest feature more than one payline meaning the player has the chance to bet on a number of different payouts both horizontally and diagonally across the reels. Some Multi Line Slots have up to 9 reels in action which means it's possible for a Multi Line game to have up to 45 different payline combinations. This means that a player could technically be betting 45 credits per spin which is why these types of games are typically used for Penny Slots and other low denomination games. Most commonly Multi Line machines are used on video slot machines which can feature extra bonus rounds, what's known as scatter features, free spins, wild symbols and in some cases progressive prizes. Because of the huge flexibility in these games they are definitely one of the more popular types of machines with modern players.

Video Slots - The major difference with Video Slots in comparison to other types of machines is that they are run entirely via computers making them a popular choice for online casino websites. Video Slots tend to be multi-line and can be based on themes like Jeopardy, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and other popular main stream brands. This type of machine is usually very focused on graphics and aims to give the player an extremely entertaining experience while playing the game. Some of the methods used to do this include special bonus rounds, live character interactions on the reels, scatter symbols, free spins and other bonus jackpots. Overall, Video Slots are the most exciting slots to play and are increasing becoming the standard for new generation slots developers.

Progressive Slots - Often referred to as the King of slots due to their huge payouts, Progressive Slots are can come in any form as long as they offer a top prize that continues to build over time. There are two main types of progressive machines including stand alone progressive and network progressives. With stand alone machines, a small portion of each wager made is fed into what's known as the progressive jackpot and if a player successfully hits the symbols required for the grand prize they will win the current jackpot balance. With network machines, the concept is the same however a small piece is taken out of each wager across multiple properties making for a much larger and faster jackpot accumulation. The cost of playing a progressive can range anywhere from pennies per spin up to a few dollars but with prizes stretching into the millions of dollars it's no wonder these are popular. Some of the popular poker rooms that allow players to play online poker usa, will also support a handful of progressive slots.

Bonus Feature Slots - Simply put, bonus round slots are any slot machine where there are different symbol combinations that activate a special round for players. An example would be the Real Time Gaming slot called Bonus Bears where hitting three bear symbols activates a visual bonus where you select bee's nests from a tree which are filled with cash prizes. The higher you go, the more likely the bear will hit a nest full of bees however the more nests you pick successfully the higher the prizes you win. This is just one example of a bonus feature slots and there are tons of different versions out there for players. If you want to find out the feature for a particular slot, a trick is to open the slot machine and check the payout schedule which will outline all bonus round features.

Fruit Machines / UK Pub Slots - The last major type of machine currently in the market are what is known as Fruit Machines which are commonly found in pubs and bars through the UK. These machines usually offer very low payouts (only a few hundred dollars max) and are meant as entertainment for bar patrons looking to pass some time. With Fruit Machines, the symbols on the game are all different pieces of fruit and similar to other slots the player wins when matching symbols on the payline according to the payout chart. One additional feature that is present on some Fruit Machines is a nudge feature whereby the player is able to nudge a reel either up or down to complete a full line of symbols. Generally speaking, outside of the UK Fruit Machines are not to common however there are some online casinos that offer them and give better odds than those found in bars.