Best American Express Casinos

American Express is one of the credit cards most utilized cards by American players. Unfortunately, not many casinos accept it. Most accept Visa and Mastercard but not American Express. One of the reasons that this particular card has seemingly been left out is due to the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) of 2006, which may (it depends on who you ask) have made online gambling illegal in the United States.

In order to comply with this legislation, casinos have either chosen to not make it an available option or have placed restrictions on who can use this particular card to fund their casino account. However, there remain some internet-based casinos that accept it as a deposit option. Often times, the only individuals allowed to deposit money with this credit card are from countries where online gambling is legal. A little later, we will discuss which ones those are below.  American Express is a premier financial services company that issues credit cards. They have been in the industry for quite some time, more then 100 years, and are well respected. They offer credit, money transfer capabilities and travelers checks. The company services individuals, businesses and corporations.

Opening an American Express Account
Individuals who do not have an American Express card will first need to apply for one before they can utilize it to fund their accounts. This requires approval by American Express. Once their application has been accepted, an individual will have to wait to receive their card in the mail.

After they have received it, they will be able to use it to deposit money into the casino account of their choice. The amount of time that it will take between signing up for a card and receiving it will depend on a number of factors including how efficient a particular American Express branch is.

American-based players may not be able to use their credit card at any online casinos. However, because American Express is used in over 100 countries, it may be possible for individuals in another country to utilize the card for that purpose. American Express may not be used to fund accounts for players from the Untied States because online gambling has been deemed illegal there. In countries where it is not illegal to participate in internet based gambling, it is possible for them to fund their accounts with an American Express credit card.

Verification and Requirement Details
Just about every online casino will require verification before they allow individuals to use their American Express cards at their website. This might require persons faxing over some form of identification, typically one that includes a picture and perhaps a signature. Other information may also be required. However, the exact verification process and necessary paperwork may vary depending on the particular website.

Funding Your American Express Account
Individuals looking to fund their accounts will be able to do so but only according to the rules and restrictions of the online casino they are a member of. Many will place limitations on the amount of money people can add to their accounts. For example, a player may only be able to add $2500 a week. This helps to protect both the player and the credit card company. By limiting the amount of money a person can add to their account, helps to prevent them from getting so far over their head that they are unable to pay back what they owe toe the credit card company.

Funding ones account is generally very simple and a straightforward process. The rules that govern funding for a particular casino may differ. Individuals will need to follow the particular rules of the casino they are participating at.

Fees to Use American Express
At some casinos, there are no fees whatsoever when using a credit card. This of course may not always be the case. It will depend on the particular casino a person is playing at. One of the advantages of using a credit card such as American Express is that many times there are no fees. It is one of the least expensive deposit options in this regard. Many other deposit methods do charge fees, some that are fairly expensive. Individuals must consider this before choosing a deposit method, as it can save them a good deal of money.

Limitations and Restrictions
Individuals from the United States may not be able to use their American Express credit card to fund their online casino accounts, though many other countries, where online gambling is legal, can. Some Americans attempt to work around the restrictions placed on them by using their card to fund a third party account such as an e-wallet and then transfer these monies to the online casino of their choice.