Best Comps Online Casinos

On this page we'll show you the best online casinos for huge comps that go above and beyond to reward their real money players for playing at their sites.  Getting comps is one of the coolest things about casino gambling and particularly online the casinos are very generous with their players even at low stakes.  Below we've listed the best casinos for players looking for awesome comps including free money, deposit bonuses and exclusive promotions.  You'll find a brief overview of each casinos comps below along with access to their initial real money signup bonus.

Party Casino - 500 Casino Bonus

Party Casino is a European and Canadian facing casino that offers a $500 sign up bonus plus excellent perks through their VIP program known as the Palladium Lounge.  This multi tiered scheme allows players to accumulate points as well as collect free bonuses in their account and even a personal VIP host.

888 Casino - 1,400 Casino Bonus

888 Casino (Casino On Net) is the last of our comps toplist however is one of the more generous programs in the market offering frequent re-deposit bonuses and free credits for their real money players.  All new players can also receive up to $1,400 in free chips when they create a new real account.

More Information on Comps

As we mentioned above, one of the great things about playing at online casinos versus offline casinos is that they tend to be much more generous with their comp structure. This is because they operate with significantly less overhead and can afford to reward their players more often.  Below we've listed some of the common comps you can expect to receive when playing at an online casino ranging from basic bonuses to extravagant VIP parties.

Regular Bonus - This is offered to all players on sign up at the site and essentially they will match your deposit up to a capped amount in free chips.  This is the basic loyalty bonus that is used by the sites to entice you to play at their site versus one of their competitors, however it's still a really great offer to take advantage of when joining.

Re-Deposit Bonuses - Another common incentive offered by online casino is what is known as re-deposit bonuses where basically they give you an additional match bonus after you've played for real money.  These are done as an added incentive to keep playing but are quite good for boosting your bankroll at the online casino.

Free Bonus Credits - The next level of comp is a free credit which is basically a bonus added to your real money account without the need for any deposit.  These are pretty common at the casinos above after you have shown some real money play and usually they will top up your account as a way of saying thanks for playing.  These comps usually range from $20 up to $100 depending on your level of play and are a nice added bonus incentive.

Personal VIP Manager - If you are a mid to high level player, some casinos will offer you a personal VIP host at their casino who basically will take care of all your gaming needs.  This includes things like raising your deposit and betting limits, comping you free credits and offering you exclusive bonus offers with personalized betting terms.

Exclusive Events - The last level of comps that you could receive from an online casino include VIP access to special events including sporting events and special parties.  Party Casino is the best for this as they regularly host VIP parties at nightclubs and restaurants around the world for their most loyal players.  These comps are reserved for the biggest of players and it's safe to say you should be betting $500 and up per hand to receive these offers.