Best ClickandBuy Online Casinos

Casino Action - $1,250 Free Play

Casino Action is a brand new casino from Microgaming that offers players over 350 different games ranging from wicked slots to table games, video poker and more.  Casino Action accepts ClickandBuy deposits and offers a $1,250 free play bonus for all players as soon as you sign up at the site.

Casino Classic - $500 Free Bonus

Casino Classic is a well established online casino from Microgaming that offers excellent games, a full VIP program plus tons of other great promotions.  The site offers a unique free play bonus where players get $500 free for 60 minutes and the chance to win as much as they can from playing.

ClickandBuy is an ewallet and one of many options individuals looking to deposit money and withdraw it from their casino account, have. Individuals wanting to do so are able to fairly quickly open up a free account and begin to make transactions right way once their account has been verified. Individuals from the United States may not utilize ClickandBuy because they do not accept American users.

ClickandBuy can be found at a number of online casinos. When it is available, it will typically be listed as a deposit option for individuals that live in countries outside of the United States.  ClickandBuy does have a number of restrictions and also a trial period. Big spenders may find this a bit restrictive and may thus opt for another funding option. For those who donít mind their account being restricted for the first 30 days may find this company to be a good fit, though a bit costly. ClickandBuy charges 12% commission on all transactions.

Opening a ClickandBuy Account
It is free to open up a ClickandBuy account and also fairly easy. Individuals will need to be ready to input some very basic information such as their name, address and phone number. They will also be required to add their banking information to their account and whatever other funding source they will be using (if they will not be depositing money directly into their account from their bank). Individuals may deposit funds in their ClickandBuy account from their bank or a credit card. A personís banking information is always required in order to verify their identity.

Verification and Requirement Details
Verification is required of everyone who opens up a ClickandBuy account. The process generally takes 2-3 days, though this depends on how fast a person is able to access their banking information. ClickandBuy will deposit a small amount of money into the userís account. This is generally $2.00 or less. Once it appears on an individualís statement, they will need to locate it and then enter that amount into their ClickandBuy account in order to verify the amount deposited. If a person has Internet banking, this process shouldnít take long at all. An individual can also contact their bank and find out how much was deposited if they donít have Internet banking. This will allow them to forgo having to wait until the bank statement arrives in the mail.

Funding your ClickandBuy Account
A person may fund their ClickandBuy account via a bank transfer. They may also deposit money from a credit card. Other prepaid options are available as well, providing individuals with a decent number of choices. Deposit and spending limits will be dependent, in part, by how much money a person typically puts into their account and uses.

Fees to Use ClickandBuy
ClickandBuy does charge users fees to use their services, some which are pretty expensive. Individuals are charged a flat fee of 12% on all transactions. This figure may increase depending own how much money is being transferred.

Limitations and Restrictions
ClickandBuy has more restrictions then many e-wallets. The first 30 days a personís account is opened, they are only allowed to add and spend $40 a day. This is referred to as the trial period. During this period the company will be calculating how much money a person deposits into their account and spends. Once their spending habits have been determined, this information will be used to set spending and funding limits. These limits can and may change based on a personís activity.  Some people get frustrated by the 30 day trial period because they are unable to deposit as much money as they would into their accounts during this time. Individuals that would like to be able to add large amounts of monies to their account right away may want to choose an alternative.