Best EcoCard Online Casinos

EcoCard is an e-wallet available to individuals that would like to make purchases online without having to submit their financial information to multiple websites. Instead, individuals can use this single account to make all of their purchases. Individuals load their EcoCard card with money and then use those monies to buy things, or as it pertains to online gambling, add money to their accounts.

Many gamblers use e-wallets or third party payment processors such as these as a work around. This is mostly true for American gamblers who may not be able to use their credit cards or make a direct deposit from their bank accounts. E-wallets allow them to continue to fund their casino accounts and participate in online gambling. However, even this work around is becoming less effective. Some government agencies are cracking down on this practice. It is partly for this reason that EcoCard no longer accepts customers from the United States.

For those who are able to open up an EcoCard, it is a good option for depositing funds into ones casino account. It is easy to open up an account, load it, and then transfer monies as needed. The service is both reliable and fast. Individuals are able to both deposit money and withdraw it using their EcoCard.

Opening An EcoCard Account
It is quite easy to open up an EcoCard account. Individuals only need to submit very basic information, including their name, address and phone number. They will also need to register a credit, debit or bank account, whatever they plan on using to fund their account. For instance, if they are going to load their account via a credit card, they will need to provide those details. Alternatively, if they are going to add money from their bank account, they will need to input the necessary information.

Verification and Requirement Details
It will be necessary to verify ones EcoCard account but only upon usage. Every individual who creates an account with the company will receive an EcoUserID number. Each time they use their card they will be required to input that particular number.

Funding Your EcoCard Account
Funding ones EcoCard is pretty simple. Persons need to load the “card” using funds from either their bank account or credit card. There are other funding options besides the aforementioned. Individuals can also add money to their accounts from Debit cards and money transfers. After a person has decided how they want to load their card they need to transfer the funds to their EcoCard and then spend them as they see fit.

Fees to use EcoCard
EcoCard charges users certain fees to use their services, though no monthly ones. Customers are only charged when they withdraw money from their account or when they transfer money from one EcoCard to another. The withdrawal fee is $20. Individuals who send money to another EcoCard account are charged a 1.5% transfer fee. For some persons these fees will be fine. For others a $20 withdrawal fee may seem a bit prohibitive, especially if they only want to withdraw a small amount of money. Fees must be a serious consideration when choosing an online payment processor.

Limitations and Restrictions
Ecocard is a fairly flexible third party payment processor. There are no limitations concerning the amount of money a person can deposit into their account. However, there are some restrictions as it concerns how much an individual can spend. EcoCard considers how much money is typically available in the account or deposited into it, as well as the average amount of monies spent and then sets limits.

EcoCard is a good option for individuals who plan on depositing and withdrawing a lot of money. Because there are no limits on the amount of money that can be deposited, individuals are able to load their accounts with as much money as they like. Also, persons routinely making big withdrawals won’t be as negatively affected by the $20 withdrawal fee as someone who is withdrawing small amounts of cash.