Best EntroPay Online Casinos

William Hill Casino - £66 Bonus

William Hill Casino is one of the best known and oldest gambling websites in the UK and accepts deposits via Entro Pay from players.  This casino accepts UK, European and Canadian players and offers a number of bonuses including an £66 sign up bonus with no deposit necessary for players.

Entropay is an e-wallet. It is one of many online. Individuals load, or add money to their account, and then use these monies to make purchases at other websites. Persons can also use Entropay to fund their online casino accounts. They are accepted at many of the larger online casinos, but not at many of the smaller ones. It is thus, a good option for gamblers who spend their time and money at the bigger, more popular online casinos.

Entropay is extremely reliable, secure and well respected. However, players will have to pay to play so to speak. The company has pretty high transaction fees. Individuals considering using Entropay to fund their casino accounts should consider this fact, as it will cut into the amount of money they are able to deposit into their account.  As stated above, while Entropay tends to be an available deposit option at larger casinos, it is harder to find at smaller online gambling websites. Individuals who spend most of their time and money at these types of sites may find it difficult to locate a site that accepts Entropay unfortunately.

Opening An Entropay Account
It is fairly easy to open up an Entropay account. They require that users provide some basic information, including ones name, address and the like. Individuals will also need to add a funding source. This will need to be either a credit or debit card. If a person chooses to use a Visa card, the process may go even smother. This is because Visa and Entropay have a close working relationship and they will be able to quickly verify the information a person submits with what is on their Visa application.  Opening up an Entropay account is no sweat at all. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation and shouldn’t cause a great deal of stress. To expedite the process individuals need to know what funding source they want to use and then have that information close at hand.

Verification and Requirement Details
Verification is not required in most cases. As stated above, if a person uses a Visa card to fund their account, then Entropay will quickly compare that individual’s registration information with what is on their Visa application. For the most part, unless a problem develops a person will not be asked to verify their identity. If a problem does occur, and if Entropay’s chooses to, they, may use a system called, ‘Verified by Visa’ to verify new accounts, but this is not normally done.

Funding your Entropay Account
Individuals who opt to use Entropay will need to fund their account with a debit or credit card. They may also add money directly from their bank account. If a person starts out with one funding source and decides to change it to another later on, they can easily do so. Entropay will allow them to add a funding option to their account.

Fees to use Entropay
While it is free to open up an Entropay account and there are no monthly or annual costs, there are transaction costs and quite a few of them. Individuals don’t have to pay any fees when they make purchases using monies from their Entropay account but they do have to pay to load their cards.

Users must pay Entropay 4.95% of the total amount of money placed on their card. Individuals are also charged $.20 every time they transfer money between Entropay accounts. If a person chooses to return money to their debit or credit card from their Entropay account they will have be required to pay a $6.00 fee.

Fees are an important consideration when choosing a funding source for ones online casino account. When fees are too high, this eats into a person’s profits. For example, if an individual were to deposit $100 in their Entropay account, they would only be able to gamble with roughly $95. They are already down $5. A careful review of any and all review fees is in order before an individual chooses a funding option for their online casino account.

Limitations and Restrictions
There are some limitations when using Entropay as a third party payment processor. Users are limited on the amount of money they can add to their accounts. This is based on a number of factors, which fortunately are not set in stone. The amount of money a person can spend is also limited and is based on how much money they have deposited into their Entropay account in the past.