Best EPassporte Online Casinos

Epassporte is casino deposit method that is commonly accepted. Many of the major casinos will offer this as an option, though some of the smaller and mid-size ones may not. Because of this, individuals who prefer to play at or who have accounts at the larger casinos will be able to play at just about any casino of this type as they wish without concern about whether or not they will be able to use their account to make a deposit. This is important. Individuals will have to consider their playing habits and preferences when choosing an online deposit method.

Epassporte is your traditional e-wallet. Individuals load their account with money and then are able to use it to make purchases online.  When opening up an account, individuals will need to be prepared to provide some very basic personal information, including their name, phone number and address, amongst other details.  Epassporte accepts customers from around the world with the exception of the United States. This seems to be the trend, fewer and fewer e-wallets and credit cards are allowing American based players to become members or are restricting where they are able to spend their money. This mostly affects online gambling activity at online casinos.

Opening an Epassporte Account
Opening up an Epassporte account is fairly simple. It is similar to opening up any other type of ewallet. Individuals will need to be prepared to provide their name, phone number, address, birthday, and the like. Someone from the company may contact individuals to verify these details. This is not done to annoy anyone but to ensure that they are indeed the person attempting to open up the account.  Users will have the choice of opening up either a personal or business account. For those looking to gamble, a personal account is all that is likely needed.

Verification and Requirement Details
Epassporte does use a verification process but it is very simple and is fairly common among companies such as these. They will deposit a small amount of money into a persons account. This is generally less then $2.00. The user will then need to check their account for this deposit and note the exact amount. Once they have done so, they will need to log into their account and verify the amount.

Select status will be the goal of many account holders. This makes it possible to make bigger deposits and withdrawals. One way to attain this status is to stay a member for a period of four month and make 5 deposits or double verify your account. Either makes it possible to become a select member.

Funding your Epassporte Account
It is really pretty easy to add money to their Epassporte account. Individuals will have several options. They include the use of a credit or debit card. It is also possible to transfer money directly from ones bank account to their Epassporte account. These funding options will be enough for many people. Most are perfectly satisfied with these two options.

Fees to use Epassporte
Like virtually all e-wallets, there are fees associated with the use of an Epassporte account, though there is not one at the initial activation. They do however charge an annual fee. Every person who maintains an account with them must pay $5 annually for the privilege, with the exception of the first year. For every $100 a person deposits into their account, they are charged $5.00. If a person chooses to withdraw their money via wire transfer, they will be forced to pay Epassporte $50.00. Individuals who have their money withdrawn into their bank accounts are assessed a fee of $3.00.

Epassporte has quite a few fees, more then many other e-wallets. Individuals considering using the company will need to decide if their upside warrants these fees. The company is reliable, secure and accepted at many online casinos. For some people, these attributes are worth the fees, for others they will not be. Each individual will need to make this decision for them selves. It is important to think beyond just cost. A poorly run and reputed e-wallet may offer great rates but have poor service or is unreliable. In this case, the cheap rates wouldn’t be worth it. Sometimes, it is necessary to accept higher rates for reliable service. Individuals must keep this in mind when considering their options.

Limitations and Restrictions
Many of the limitations imposed by Epassporte are suffered by those who do not have a Select Account. Individuals that do not will have lower deposit and withdrawal limits. Standard accounts have a maximum deposit or load limit of $500. They are not allowed more then 5 deposits (or loads) and no more then 10 total transactions. Select accounts are allowed double the daily amount of load and transactions as Standard members. It certainly pays to be a Select member, especially for those individuals who plan on doing a lot of gambling and depositing and withdrawing a decent amount of cash.