Best Fonelinx Online Casinos

Fonelinx is one of the more unique ways individuals can make deposits to their casino accounts. However, it can also be difficult to find a casino that will accept it. For this reason, individuals should think long and hard before using it. If a person happens to be a member or decides to become a member at an online that accepts this deposit option, then it may be a good fit. Of course certain things must first be considered. In this review, we will take a look at many different aspects of Fonelinx. Hopefully upon the completion of this article, individuals will have a good idea about whether or not this is a good option for them.

When a person uses Fonelinx, they will be able to make deposits to their casino account with a phone card, which can be purchased online. Unfortunately, individuals from the United States will not be able to use this method because they donít accept American-based customers. Individuals who are allowed to use this payment option will find that there are deposit limits and fees, some of which we will discuss below.

Opening a Fonelinx Account
A person who uses Fonelinx does not have an account per se. Instead, they are using a phone card, which they can load and reload with cash. It is very easy to purchase a Fonelinx card. Individuals can do so online and then use them as soon as they receive it through the mail. Once a person adds money to their card, they can use it to make purchases online or fund their casino accounts.

A Fonelinx card is not virtual. It is a physical card that the company will send through the mail. It is used similarly to a debit card. A specific amount of money is loaded into it and a person is not able to spend more then that amount. When the money put on the card is gone, there isnít anymore. An individual will need to add more money to it, if they want to continue to use it.

Fortunately, it is very simple to reload a Fonelinx card. A person simply needs to transfer money to it via their credit or debit card. They can also add money straight from their bank account.

Verification and Requirement Details
When a person buys a Fonelinx card they will need to open up a memberís account. This is not necessary to purchase the card but it is in order to refill it. Instead of individuals having to buy another card and wait for it to arrive in the mail, membership card, they are able to simply re-load it. This makes things much more convenient and saves time.

Funding Your Fonelinx Account
Funding a Fonelinx account is pretty easy and not complicated in the least. It is similar to making a purchase online. A person simply adds money to their card. This can be done a number of ways. Some available options include the use of a credit (Visa) or debit card. It is also possible to load ones card using an eCheck. These are the primary options of filling or re-filling the Fonelinx card. Individuals not comfortable with any of these methods may need to find an alternate funding source.

Fees to use Fonelinx
There are fees associated with the use of a Fonelinx card. Individuals have to pay for the actual card. After they have purchased it, they will be able to simply reload it. They are not required to buy another one. Cards can be purchased in denominations of $150, $200 and $300. There are no membership or account fees.

Because there are not a lot of fees, this makes Fonelinx a very good option for some individuals. They donít have to worry about being charge fees out of the ďwazoo.Ē Once they purchase the card, thatís it. They donít have to worry about it. They can refill it as they see fit, or choose not to. Itís up to them.

Even though individuals who use this card benefit from low fees, the fact that the card is not accepted everywhere will certainly mean that less people are able to use it, simply because it becomes impractical to do so. This is unfortunate, because it really is a decent option and a nice set-up, at least for the right person.

Limitations and Restrictions
This card has few limitations, at least in the traditional sense. The only deposit or withdrawal caps that exist, are those based on the denomination of the card. For example, a person who purchases a $150 card, will only be allowed to spend that much. This type of deposit options puts the person who owns the card in control. They can purchase as many cards as they want, in whatever denominations they desire. They are not limited in any way in this regard. There is no jumping through hoops. Individuals spend what they want. This differentiates Fonelinx from many other available e-wallets which routinely set deposit and withdrawal caps.