High Rollers Online Casinos

If you've found this page you are probably interested in High Roller online casinos that allow players to place high stakes bets on different casino games. While online limits tend to be smaller than maximum wagers found in traditional casinos, there are some online casinos that offer very high betting limits to their players.  Below we've listed some of this casinos including information on their max bets as well as sign up bonus information for players.

Party Casino - $500 Casino Bonus

Party Casino is the premier choice for high limit players and the casino offers table games up to $2,500 per hand for players.  Slots bets range from under $1 up to $250 per spin and roulette has a maximum bet of $2,500 per spin.  New players also receive a 100% up to $500 welcome bonus at sign up.

Tips for High Stakes Online Casinos

If you are a high limit player there are several factors that you are going to want to consider when looking for an online casino to join.  Since you have a large bankroll you'll have a distinct advantage when signing up and can usually get more perks than the average player since you will be playing at the higher levels.  Below we've outlined some of the things that you will want to consider when signing up at an online casino to play for high stakes levels.

Sign Up Bonus - Before you make your first deposit, take a look at the sign up bonus offered by the casino to see what they offer players.  Depending on what types of games you want to play, make sure that they are allowed and that the terms of the offer are favourable and realistic.  If you are going to make a deposit over $5,000 it's never a bad idea to talk to support and see if they can offer you any special bonuses not advertised on the site.  Just remember if you go this route to always get an email confirmation of the offer just to ensure that the terms aren't changed later after you have deposited and met the original terms of the deposit bonus offer.

Deposit Limits - Another important factor for high limit players is the deposit limits at the site, depending on the casino some may have daily, weekly or monthly limits depending on your deposit method.  Usually this can be changed from contacting support and requesting a higher limit however in some cases this may not be possible if you are using credit card or other high risk methods to deposit.  Usually the best deposit method for High Rollers is to use wire transfer since it's relatively quick, very secure and the best method of moving large deposits.

Betting Limits - Another major factor in playing for high stakes is the betting limits at the site, most sites have a maximum per hand bet in the $500 - $2,500 range for table games and around $250 for slots.  Depending on your bankroll, make sure that the casino you are joining has maximum limits that suit your needs as a player.

VIP Program - The last major factor for high limit players to look at is the VIP program offered by the casino.  Almost all online casinos offer VIP programs to their players and if you are a true high roller you should be getting frequent re-deposit bonuses, complimentary chips, a personal VIP manager and other special perks.  If you ever feel that a casino isn't treating you right simply switch casinos as there are tons that would love your business.