Online Casinos for Mac

As a Mac casino player you'll need to know that currently there aren't any downloadable online casinos currently in the market however a number of sites do offer a flash version of their software playable directly on their website. This usually features all of the same games as the download version however allows you play on the website in flash which is compatible with the Mac operating system.  On this page we've listed some of the best online casinos for Mac users along with exclusive access to excellent sign up bonuses at each site.  Below you will find the current top 5 Mac casinos including a short description of each site as well as information on their initial sign up bonuses.

Party Casino - $500 Casino Bonus

Party Casino is part of the Party Gaming brand that operates Part Poker and a number of other gaming sites.  Party Casino offers a fully Mac compatible version of their software directly on the website for players.  As a new member, you can claim a sign up bonus of 100% up to $500 free when you sign up.

More Information on Mac Friendly Casinos

As a Mac user there are basically two ways that you can go about playing at an online casino - the first is to find a casino with a Flash or Instant Play option directly on their website and the second is by using a PC emulator to enable you to actually download the software from the casino.  Below we've provided a brief overview of each method to give you more information on which type of online casino might be most suitable to you as a player.

Instant Play Casinos - This is the easiest option for Mac users and basically how it works is that you will see an instant casino tab at the site you want to play with - after clicking this tab a popup of the available casino games will be shown which will enable you to access the real money games at the site.  From here, you can select the games you want to play and will be able to wager directly on the website without downloading any software.

While this is the easiest option for Mac computers, it does come with some drawbacks including a limited selection of casino games as well as some issues with instability or lag while playing.  That being said, most casinos offering Mac software are pretty reliable and if you want to play right away this is definitely the best choice as a player.

PC Emulators - The other option that you can use with a Mac is to buy a PC Emulator which will allow you to run the Windows operating system on your Mac and thus enable you to actually download all the casinos software.  This option is better in the sense that it gives you a good range of casinos to choose from since you can play at any site you'd like, however you generally will have to pay for a PC Emulator and installation can sometimes be a little tedious.  Overall, if you are happy with the usual table games and slots, playing at an instant casino is the best option however if you want a full range of software and games choosing a PC Emulator is probably your best bet.