Best My Citadel Online Casinos

Citadel is a commonly accepted deposit method. Individuals who use it will find that a decent number of online gambling websites accept it, especially those based in the United Kingdom. This makes things very convenient for gamblers who gamble at multiple online casinos or who do not want their choices restricted based on a lack of acceptance of their payment processor.  Citadel is in fact, an e-wallet. Individuals load it with money and then are able to make purchases and deposits at various websites. It can also be used to withdraw funds, which makes it ideal for casino accounts. Unfortunately, Citadel does not accept players from the United States as customers.

Opening a Citadel Account
Opening up a Citadel account is pretty simple. Anyone who has opened up an e-wallet should feel pretty comfortable with Citadel. Individuals need to be prepared to input identifying information such as their name, phone number, address and the like. This shouldn’t take a lot of time. Most of the information required, a person would be able to provide “off the top of their head.”

Individuals will need to input their bank account details. Because of this, it is a good idea to have this info handy. Individuals will be able to transfer funds from their bank into their Citadel account. This is the predominate way accounts are funded.

Immediately after a person sets up their account, it is considered “un-certified” and there are certain restrictions in place. There are low transaction limits. Individuals who wish to have these lifted will need to verify their account.

Verification and Requirement Details
Individuals have two options when it comes to verifying their accounts. They may provide legal documentation, for example a document issued by the government that includes a photo. It must include information regarding ones name, address and birthday, etc. Acceptable items include a driver’s license, passport or national identity cards.

They may also verify their account through mail. Citadel will send them a letter that has a printed code. Once a person receives it, they need to log into their account and input it. This may be an easier option then the sending the company some form of government-issued identification. However, both options are available and which one a person chooses will be likely dependent upon convenience.

Funding your Citadel Account
The most common way to fund ones account is through bank transfers. This is because Citadel doesn’t offer their members a ton of options aside from this. They do allow some individuals to load their accounts using a credit card but only if they reside in certain countries. As of today, individuals from France, Spain, the UK, Canada and Germany, are allowed to add money to their account via credit cards.

For some individuals, the fact that they are not allowed to use their credit card to load their account will automatically cease to make Citadel an option. For many people, this is the only way they are able to make a deposit without draining their bank accounts. These individuals will have to find an alternative option.

Fees to use Citadel
There are fees to use Citadel, though they are pretty small, especially when compared with other e-wallets and deposit options. There is no charge for loading ones Citadel account, unless an individual is using certain credit cards. In these cases, they are charged 1.9% of the transaction fee.

Limitations and Restrictions
Citadel does have certain limitations and restrictions in place. The accounts with the most are those that have not been certified (verified). Those that are not have lower deposit and withdrawal limits then those that are. A person with an uncertified account is only allowed to withdraw $500. They can deposit no more then $2500. They will not be able to use their account once their activity reaches these limits. If they wish to use their account again, they will have to take steps to certify it.

Certified accounts have spending and withdrawal limits as well, they are just not as low as un-certified accounts. They are based on how often a person utilizes their account and how much money they deposit into it. The upper limits on deposits can reach about $10,000. Withdrawal limits are dependent on a number of factors including how much money is in the account, and also a person’s payment and spending history.