Best Use My Wallet Online Casinos

UseMyWallet is a fairly commonly accepted online deposit method. Individuals will find that they will be able to use it at many of the major online casinos. Persons that do will be able to instantly add money to their account. They ay also qualify for special bonuses, simply by using this deposit option.  UseMyWallet is associated with EcoCard. Typically, where one is accepted, so is the other. It is possible for individuals to quickly create an account. The verification process is not extensive and the sign up process is extremely streamlined.

UseMyWallet is an e-wallet. Individuals simply load money into their account and then are able to make online purchases or as it concerns online gambling, add money to their accounts. This is a very secure online, third party payment system. The website is also extremely intuitive. Most people will find it easy to use. UseMyWallet is found at nearly every online casino both small and large ones. This is great for individuals who enjoy playing at many different casinos or who do not want to be restricted because by the use of an unpopular payment processor.

Opening an UseMyWallet Account
It is very easy to open up an UseMyWallet account and also to use one. It is accepted at a large number of casinos that adds to its convenience factor. In order to create an account, an individual will need to input their basic identifying information such as their name, address, phone number, birthday and the like. Once they have done that they will be able to load their account with money and then use it to add money to their casino accounts.

Individuals are able to load their accounts in a number of different ways. They are able to  transfer money straight from their bank account. Credit cards, and wire transfers via Moneygram and Western Union can be utilized as well.

Verification and Requirement Details
Besides providing the information asked for by UseMyWallet, there are not other verification or special requirements. If the company needs to contact you, they will through the contact information you provided. This is one of the great things about using UseMyWallet. There is not a whole lot of extra things required to create and maintain an account. It will be important for individuals to provide complete and truthful information. If things don’t “add up,” it may be necessary for them to take extra steps to verify your account. This will take more time which means longer waits before being able to actually gamble.

Fees to use UseMyWallet
There are fees associated with the use of UseMyWallet. Individuals do not have to pay to set up their account, nor are there any registration or annual fees. It is also free to make purchases. If an individual chooses to use a wire transfer via UseMyWallet they will be charged the associated fee, which happens to be a flat rate. Individuals that use a credit card to load their account will be charged a 5% transfer rate.

Limitations and Restrictions
Most of the limitations associated with using UseMyWallet are those created by the country a user lives in. A person may only use their account, as their country deems lawful. There are also some restrictions based on the method chosen to funds ones account.