Slots Machine Addiction

Slots AddictionSlots are one of the most interesting and fun games found in a casino however because of the inherent design of the machines become addicted to them is an unfortunate reality for some players.  In this article we'll talk about slots addiction including some of the reasons why slots are so addicting and where you can look for some help.

Why are Slots so Addicting?
The main reason that slot machines are so addicting for players are because it provides the illusion of betting a relatively small amount of money with the chance to win a massive jackpot.  Since slots can be played for as little at $0.75 a spin with the chance of winning thousands of dollars, some people get caught up in trying to win a jackpot and thus spend a much greater amount of money that they ever intended too.  Because of this, slots can become addicting very quickly as players want to keep striving to win a jackpot no matter what the cost.  Some of the other main factors that contribute to the addicting nature of playing slot machine games include:

  • Near Misses - This is when the slot machine hits two of a winning combination but narrowly misses the third required for a payout.  Slots used to be programmed to do this however it has been outlawed since it creates the sensation that you are about to win making it a highly addicting circumstance.
  • Chasing Jackpots - One of the worst types of slot machines leading to addiction are the progressive slots that often have jackpots stretching over $1,000,000.  Because the prizes are so big relative to the amount bet, many players will get carried away trying to chase a jackpot while betting substantial amounts of money.
  • Social Atmosphere - Another reason that slots can become addictive is because they create a dangerous environment where you can easily play alone yet have the companionship of other players around you.  This creates an odd social framework that can actually make a person use slots as a social outing quite often.
  • Winning A Jackpot - The last leading factor that contributes to developing an addiction to slots is having a big win or hitting a jackpot while playing.  While you might think this would be the least likely scenario for developing an addiction it actually makes you think you can replicate the win which can be very costly.

Should You Play Slots?
If you think that you may have a problem with addiction to slots you should stop playing immediately since it can quickly lead to out of control spending.  The problem with slot machines is that they are essentially computer programs designed to take your money.  No matter how random they may seem, their payback percentage is set at a certain amount and no superstitions or selection of slots will change this basic fact.  Another reason that people continue on the slots is because they are easy to play and don't require any sort of major focus during game play which makes them an easy choice.  The problem with this is that it's far to easy to lose track of what you are betting and quickly rack up some big losses from over spending on your trip to the casino.  Overall,  you should only play slots if you have a defined bankroll that you can stick to every time you play slots at the casino.

Help for Slots Addiction
If you think you have an addiction to slots you can check out some of the resources below for free help: