5 Times Pay Slots


The 5 Times Pay slots machine is a 3 reel slot machine that has a classic Vegas feel to it. This slot machine has three reels which will stop spinning to form the players winning combination. The 5 Times Pay slots machine has that classic look to it which can take a player back to a simpler time. However, there is nothing simple about this slot machine and it offers players a lot of fun and excitement, as well as chances to win. This slot machine runs on Wagerworks software which means that players can expect a lot out of it including smooth running games, error free play, and wonderful graphics. This is the slot machine for players who would rather achieve those higher payouts.

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Paylines on 5 Times Pay
This slot machine has one payline, but players shouldn’t let that worry them. This is a great slot machine that has a tremendous amount to offer and comes with many benefits. All of the winning payouts will happen on the center payline. Players will receive only the highest winner that occurs on the payline. While some players like multi-paylines there are many who like the simplicity of a single payline slot game.

Payouts on 5 Times Play
5 Times Pay players can expect to take advantage of bigger awards when they play this slots game. These awards are 5 times and 25 times bigger with the multiplier. There is also a seven bar symbol on this slot machine which provides even more chances to win. This slot machine offers players the chance to win as much as £75,000 and this is just one more thing that has helped to make this slot machine so popular. Players can wager between 1 and 3 credits on the Times Pay slot game. It also has a Wild Multiplier which has a maximum payout of 15,000. If there is more than one winning combination the player will receive the payout good for the largest winning combination. This means that they are guaranteed the highest payout when they spin. The 5 Times Pay slot machine takes a bit of everything players like to see in a slot game and combines those things to offer them the ultimate slot play experience. Players looking for big wins will want to make sure they check the 5 Times Slot Machine out, that’s all it has to offer.

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