Slots Machine Myths

Slots MythsSlots are one of those games in the casino that carry a ton of superstitions and myths with them that players have created over the years.  Slots myths range from likely plausible to utterly impossible in nature and in reality it's pretty obvious that most of them are untrue.  That being said, there are a lot of common myths that are widely believed by players which is why this article details common misconceptions to help you better understand playing the slot machines.  Below we've included some of the obvious and no so obvious myths surrounding slots.

Myth #1 - Thinking Slots are Due For A Win if Not Won Recently
This is probably the most common myth surrounding slot machines and I am sure every slots players can attest to a time when they thought this to be true.  The reality is that even if the person before you dumped $10,000 into the machine and you sit down right after your chances of winning are just as likely as the person before you.  This is because of what's known as a random number generator which is the computer chip that runs the slot machine.  This ensures that all spins are completely independent events and you are just as likely to hit a jackpot on back to back spins as you are to go 1,000 spins without winning one.  It's important to understand this as a slots player since buying into this myth can prove to be quite an expensive endeavour over any amount of time.

Myth #2 - Pressing the Button Vs. Pulling the Lever
Another common thing that some slots players believe is that it makes a difference whether or not you pull the lever or press the button to play the machine.  This is not true at all, it just comes down to what you find more comfortable as a player and will have absolutely no outcome on whether you win or lose a particular spin.

Myth #3 - This Machine is On A Hot Streak, Keep Playing!
While it's entirely possible you could go on a hot streak while playing it's not because of the machine it's simply being at the right place at the right time.  You should not keep playing just cause you are feeling a hot streak on a machine since as we outlined above the spins are completely random and you won't be able to tell whether or not the next spin is going to be a winner.  Also, say you got up from a machine and the next person won on the next spin.  There is no sense stressing about it since you would have had to press the button at the exact same time down to the millisecond to get the same result so in all likelihood you would not have won if you had played.

Myth #4 - Only Bet 1 Coin to Conserve Bankroll
This isn't as much of a myth as it is a bad idea for players to do when playing on the slots.  If you take a look at a slots pay chart on the machine you'll see that the top prizes are only awarded when you play the maximum coins of the machine, usually 3 but sometimes 2 coins.  This is particularly true to progressive jackpot machines where you must bet 3 coins in order to qualify for the prize.  You are going to always want to bet the maximum coins allowed since there would be absolutely nothing worse than hitting a progressive without playing the max coins.

Myth #5 - Hitting, Tapping or Rubbing A Slot will Change the Outcome
As ridiculous as this sounds spend 10 minutes watching slots players and I guarantee you will see someone doing one of the above to a machine.  For whatever reason, players believe that this can change their lucky and make their next bet a winning spin.  It should be obvious that this will not have any affect whatsoever on the machine.