Safecracker Slots

The Safecracker slot machine is a very fun three reel slot machine that has a simple design which also provides players with a lot of excitement. This slot game runs on Playtech Slots software and anyone who knows about software knows that this means this game will run smooth and have amazing graphics. The Safecracker slot machine looks like a safe and really draws a player in as the realistic yet fun look offers them a great time.

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Paylines on Safecracker
The Safecracker slot machine is a single payline slot machine. However, it still has all of the makings of a great slot machine and is definitely one which should not be discounted. It provides players with a lot of enjoyment and promises them a wonderful experience.

Payouts on Safecracker
The Safecracker has coin denominations that go from $0.25 up to $5.00. The maximum bet on this slot machine is 3 coins. This slot machine has a progressive jackpot and this means there is the chance for players to win a great deal of money on it. A progressive jackpot will continue to grow in size until someone finally wins. Progressive jackpots can become extremely large. In order for players to win the progressive jackpot they must have bet the maximum. The Safecracker slot machine also has a second screen on it which is used when the players play the special bonus game. This bonus game provides players with another chance to win. The bonus game can result in the players winning nothing at all, or winning quite a bit of cash.

When it comes to getting to that bonus game, a player must get three keys. The player must have also bet the maximum bet. When a player goes into the bonus game they will click on the offered deposit boxes in order to obtain a prize. This slot machine has eight different winning combinations that players can try for. Many players appreciate the unique theme which has them acting as if they are trying to crack a safe. This is one slot machine that has a creative design to it as well as plenty of chances to win money. This is a great game that has become quite popular. Anyone who likes to play slot games will get a lot of enjoyment out of this one and will want to make sure they give it a try.

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