Strategy While Playing Slots

Slots StrategyTons of casino players from around the world look on a daily basis for the best "slots strategy" out there to help them improve their chances of winning at slots.  Unfortunately the simple fact of the matter is that there is no sure fire technique that can legally improve your chances of winning the game.  The reason for this is that slot machines use what is known as a Random Number Generator in conjunction with a complex computer algorithm that basically ensures that every spin of the slot machine is completely independent and random from the next spin.  What this means is that you are just as likely to hit a jackpot three times in a row as you are to have three losing spins and while that may be a hard concept to grasp, it is the reality and needs to be understood by slot machine players.

To a certain extent the casinos rely on the naivety of the players in this regard since a player that thinks they can affect the outcome of a slot machine is likely to become a high value player over time since they will continue betting thinking the next spin will be closer to a jackpot.  In reality, nothing is further from the truth and the best strategy that any player can arm themselves with is a thorough understanding of how slot machines work.  Below we've provided some data on how much you should expect to have per hour to play on various machine denominations.

To figure out this information we are going to assume that the player will have a conservative rate of 100 spins per hour and that the machine is set at a 95% payout rate, meaning that for every $1 wagered the player will be returned $0.95 in the long run.  Based on this information, we can calculate the amount spent each hour of play, we will also assume that the player is playing max credits (3 credits) for each spin that they make on the machine.  For machines $10 and up, we will assume two credits bet since this is usually the max for high limit slot machines.

Nickel Machines - $0.15/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $15.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $14.25

Quarter Machines - $0.75/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $75.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $71.25

Dollar Machines - $3.00/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $300.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $285.00

Five Dollar Machines - $15.00/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $1,500.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $1,425.00

Ten Dollar Machines - $20.00/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $2,000.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $1,900.00

Twenty Dollar Machines - $40.00/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $4,000.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $3,800.00

Hundred Dollar Machines - - $200.00/Spin X 100 Spins/Hour = $20,000.00 Bet/Hour X 95% = $19,000.00

As you can see from the information provided above, as you continue to play on the slots your initial bankroll slowly gets diminished by the house advantage that is programmed into the machines.  Take for example the $100 slots example, in this case you would be betting $20,000 per hour and could reasonably expect in the long run to be returned $19,000 for every $20,000 you bet.  This means that the machine is essentially costing you $1,000 per hour to play, meaning that any way you slice it it is a losing proposition.  You may be wondering now why the heck anyone would every play the slots, the simple answer is because these are long run statistics for slot machine games.

What that means is that although the casino knows that on average over time they will make that $1,000 per hour, in the short term anything can happen and that's what both casinos and players count on to keep them in the game.  If you were to go play a $100 machine today, you might win $100,000 or maybe lose $10,000, but the point is that you don't really know what's going to happen since the machine is random.  Because of this, casinos are able to maintain the appeal of slot machines since nothing is certain except that they'll make their cut over time.

Hopefully this has provided you some insight into how there is no guaranteed strategy for playing slots and in the end the house will always win.  That being said, if you are able to find the information on the payback percentage of any machines you can use this information to play only the slots that have the best return for players.  This information can be found on the front of most slot machines in live casinos and is published by online casinos.