Slots Tips - Tips For Playing Slot Machines

This article focuses on tips for playing slot machines and is designed to give you some insight into the best ways to play slots.  If you've read our article on how to win at slots as well as slot machine strategy, you'll already be familiar with the fact that slots are completely random and there is nothing you can do (legally) as a player to increase your chances of winning during a session.  That being said, there are still a number of different tips you can use when playing slots to ensure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible while getting the maximum return for your play.  Below we've outlined some of the best slots tips that you can use the next time you play slots.

Tip #1 - Always Join The Slots Players Club
In every casino both online and off there will usually be a loyalty program known as a players club or rewards program that gives something back to players who frequently play the slots.  This is done as an incentive to keep you playing at the casino as well as a strategy used to build customer retention.  The way it works is simple, each time you place a wager on a slot machine, you will begin earning points for your play which can be exchanged for a number of different rewards.  These range from free cash credits to slot tournament entries, free hotel stays, show tickets and much more.  The point is that if you are going to play the slots anyways, you might as well be getting something in return for risking your hard earned money.  By always joining the slots club before you play, you'll maximize your returns from your time on the machine and since points are based on bets you will earn rewards whether you win or lose on a particular session.  For this reason joining a slots club is always a good bet!

Tip #2 - Manage Your Slots Bankroll
This is something that is often overlooked by slots players but is a really important thing to consider when you are going to play slots in a casino.  Depending on the size of your bankroll, you should be using this information to determine what limits you will play and how long you want to play for.  For example, say you have a $100 budget for playing and you started out on the $10 per spin slot machines.  Unless you get extremely lucky, chances are you are going to go bust quite quickly and need to spend more money.  Instead of playing high and risking your bankroll quickly, it's a better idea to budget according to your desired length of play and bankroll limits.  In the case of a $100 bankroll, playing the nickel or quarter slots might be a more reasonably proposition since your risk of ruin is minimized by the amount your betting.  In any case, always make sure that before you head to the casino you have a realistic plan of what your going to play, how much your going to bet and how long you'll play.

Tip #3 - Check Pay Tables Before You Play
On every slot machine in the world you will find what is known as a pay table which basically dictates how you win at the game including what symbol combinations pay what as well as the maximum payouts for the machine.  This information is very important since every slot machine is different and while some machines may have a $10,000 jackpot others may have a $100,000 prize, $1,000,000 prize or more.  When you are choosing a slot machine, have a look at the pay table to see what the different winning combinations are to ensure that you have the most chances to win possible while getting a good payout.  This is a little known tip that players can use to their advantage to always play the best value slots.  Generally speaking, you'll want to choose a slot machine that has a number of different pay lines, winning combinations as well as a substantial top jackpot for max coin betting.

Tip #4 - Always Play Maximum Coins On Slots
Another tip that slots players can use to increase their chances of winning at slots is to always bet the maximum allowable coins on each spin of the machine.  Most slots are setup to allow a minimum and maximum wager on the machine for each spin that is made.  This in conjunction with the payout table will determine what prizes the player is eligible for on any given spin.  The trick is that most machines will only allow the jackpot to be hit when the player is betting maximum coins per spin which is particularly important if you are playing a progressive slot machine.  Just imagine hitting the progressive payout only to find out you didn't bet max coins, you could be looking at a difference of a few million dollars which is why you should always bet the max when playing a game.

Tip #5 - Bank Wins To Increase Your Bankroll
If you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot or a significant payout on the slots, your first instinct might be to increase your bets or play a higher denomination machine to try and increase your winnings even further, this is a bad idea.  Let's say that you have a slots bankroll of $1,000 and one day at the casino you hit a $10,000 jackpot.  Instead of going crazy, why not lock up $5,000 of that winning and add the other $5,000 to your overall bankroll while still playing the same level of machines.  By using this practice, your wins will last longer and you will have a better chance of hitting another jackpot versus blowing it all on pricey machines.  This is something that requires a ton of discipline on your part but is a really smart idea to build and maintain a long term bankroll for yourself.

Tip #6 - Track Your Wins and Losses
If you think of your casino bankroll as a business it will greatly increase your responsibility and knowledge of how you play, your profits and your losses.  This is very important especially if you are a US slots player since your wins are taxable however you are also able to offset your wins with any losses sustained.  Because of this, it's a good idea to keep track of this information even if you are a casual slots player for tax purposes.  Even if you aren't playing slots in the United States, it's never a bad idea to keep a record of your gambling to help determine budgets as well as an overall picture of your bankroll finances.  Using tracking accurately will also be a great help in figuring out what limits of slots you want/can play which will significantly reduce your risk of ruin in the casino.